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Larry Vincent's Classes Get You Lean, Strong, Fast, and Focused with "Old School" Training Methods Straight Out of Kung Fu/Tai Chi History!

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This is a very overdue thank you for holding the standard high for the fitness challenge, as well as for every kickboxing class.

I was so excited to see the increase in upper body strength I gained, which has for years been a weakness for me. The challenge also made me see what it takes to increase my fitness level and push harder in my everyday routine.

Thank you for your zeal and love of teaching others. It really shows. I appreciate your commitment to excellence (even if I complain occasionally!)


Gloria Concoby

Before [Mike] started Kung Fu, he was hiding under his desk in the 2nd grade, for most of that year. He wouldn’t come out except for lunch and recess. Almost mute.

The teachers were calling his Mother and I into conferences. There was discussion about psychologists and normal social development. Now he is performing. I will never be able to convey to you the depth of my gratitude. You have played an integral role in shaping his character. You are more than a teacher to Mike and to me. I knew what had to be done in helping Mike be more social and self-confident and you were an integral component of that plan.

Anyway, telling you thanks for everything you have done is inadequate. You have allowed Mike to develop his self- confidence and personality in a way that I can never repay you. Betty and I wish you and your wife the best. We know that you will continue to inspire many more people.

Terry Bailey

Just wanted to say thank you for your knowledge and making me a better person and martial artist. I've been to a lot of different schools and none of them offer what you offer as a person and skills. You push us hard but still make it fun at the same time. I'm glad I'm a part of the White Birch family and have you to thank for that.

Vincent Vitarella

"As a Kung Fu Black Sash with years of experience, I needed to find a workout environment that would physically challenge me without "watering down" the skills I had worked so hard to acquire.

The White Birch program offered me the chance to build my own training regimen from an excellent variety of workout and fighting styles - including Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi and San Shou.

Combining the intense San Shou fighting workouts with the well rounded Kung Fu workouts gave me just what I was looking for. Since starting the program, I've lost the extra 10 pounds I put on during a year of inactivity and regained much of my original speed and muscle tone.

I can tell you from experience that whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, this is exactly the kind of friendly, "no-nonsense" environment you want to train in.

Thanks White Birch!"

Jeff Briscoe

“Kung Fu and Tai Chi training at White Birch have given my life deeper meaning. I started the training at age 44 and have been studying for eight years. At first it was somewhat intimidating. I was never athletic. I was a jogger, but I had never done anything like Martial Arts.

The guidance, encouragement, high standards, and atmosphere that White Birch provides quickly transformed me and my experience. Under this program, Kung Fu and Tai Chi have brought me incredible health, spiritual fulfillment, an amazing increase in my physical and emotional self-confidence, and a sense of accomplishment that only one or two activities in my life have provided.

Sifu LaPointe has an deep and profound understanding of his art, and designs his curriculum to facilitate hard work and accomplishment. I would not want to train under a teacher who’s standards were low and who awards mediocrity .

One of the things I like most about Sifu’s training program is its broad, eclectic nature. I have learned and enjoyed not only traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi, but Chin Na applications, grappling techniques, sparring in full gear, Tai Chi self defense applications, Qigong, and many other martial arts practices.

At the same time, the White Birch program produces a deep level of accomplishment in the core Kung Fu and Tai Chi skills. This is not a "superficial" program, but one with both depth and breadth. After eight years of training I have certainly not "outgrown" what Sifu LaPointe has to offer. The program he designed was right for me as a beginner but also allowed me to grow and still learn as an advanced student.

As an educator, I see college students each day who are confused by those inevitable courses taught by unmotivated and unprepared instructors. From that vantage point, I can appreciate the skill and care that Sifu brings to his training programs. Kung Fu and Tai Chi are now a permanentpart of my life.

I will never be without them, and I hope to train at White Birch for many years to come.”

Joelle Presson

Dear Sifu,

I wanted to say a few words about the instruction I have received over the last 2 years. I cannot believe how much more flexible, more coordinated and stronger I feel today. After each Kung Fu class, I feel I have learned something important.

The fact that classes are divided into sections creates an upbeat rhythm and helps me stay concentrated throughout the class. The fact that you show us a movement two or three times and then help us individually correct our mistake makes it easy to learn. Also, the fact that we focus on attention to details is, in my opinion, essential.

Finally, I like the fact that we are taught to use what we learn in a positive, constructive way. I am infinitely less likely today to respond with force to a physical or oral provocation than I was a few years ago. I recognize this is a life long learning process, but at least I am confident I am learning the right way.

Julien Bois

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