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San Da Self Defense

Please take a moment to read this letter. It could change your life.

Imagine you've just left the mall in the middle of the afternoon and you're walking to your car. You parked quite a ways from the entrance and there are 100 different things on your mind as you walk.

No one has noticed the stranger in the dark green truck. He's been watching people come and go all afternoon. He looks like an average guy, maybe waiting for his wife -- but this is no average guy.

The stranger has moved his truck to the parking space next to yours so he can set up the attack. Just as you reach your car, he jumps from his truck and grabs you by the throat.

If this was really happening to you would you know what to do? Unfortunately, Mary didn't.

We're sad to say this is a true story. The man in the green truck who attacked Mary and nearly killed her was a convicted rapist and murderer who had been released from prison only 3 weeks earlier.

Mary survived the attack only because she passed out and the man believed she was dead. When he had trouble lifting her limp body into the cab of his truck, he gave up and drove off without her.

The saddest thing about this tragedy is that Mary probably could have escaped the attack if she had been through our new self-defense course. You see, the choke hold the would-be killer grabbed Mary with is one of the easiest attacks to defend against, but because Mary had no knowledge of self-defense, she didn't know what to do.

Because of Mary's story and countless others like it, White Birch is now offering two amazing programs... the short program, called the Self Secure Self Defense Course, and the ranked program, called San Da Self Defense. The secrets of Black Belt self-defense are at your fingertips!

Sanda (literally "free fighting" or an "unsanctioned fight") is a Chinese hand-to-hand self-defense system, captured in a specialized Kung Fu curriculum. It was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon the intense study and practices of traditional Kung Fu and modern combat fighting techniques; it combines punches, kicks, knees, elbows, wrestling, throws, joint locks, and weapons defenses.

You'll learn: Punches/Kicks, Throws, Joint Locks, Standup Fighting, Ground Fighting

Sanda Self Defense program is a long-term program, designed to teach you the best self-defense techniques from the White Birch Kung Fu, Tai Chi, San Shou, Chinese Weapons, and Grappling programs. All self-defense, no sport fighting.

You'll learn

  • how to punch and kick,
  • how to throw your opponent to the ground,
  • how to escape chokes and controlling grabs,
  • how to fight from the ground when he's on top of you,
  • and how to survive an attack from a knife, gun, or club.

This program gives you rank in our Kung Fu system, providing step-by-step instruction and practice in moves that become increasingly more difficult to master.

For men and women alike, the information you will receive in this course is invaluable. Don't procrastinate! Call today!

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