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Fitness Kickboxing

This non-traditional class is one of the hottest fitness trends on the market today! Each class burns up to 1000 calories! This class features an aerobic workout to strengthen the heart and lungs, strength exercises to build the muscles that burn calories when you're at rest, and flexibility exercises to promote a greater range of motion to last your lifetime.

Bored with the same, repeating fitness class or video tape? These classes continually change! There are no class formats that repeat to burn you out mentally or physically. You'll feel challenged each time you come in, both in trying to increase your own pace and in learning new ways to move and combine strikes.

You'll learn: Punches, Kicks, Boxing Forms, Self-Defense Forms, Strength Exercises, Flexibility Exercises

And don't be fooled... anyone can participate, no matter what your current fitness level is. That's because each student works at their own speed and power. You don't have to keep up with everyone else OR to the beat of the music. You literally can challenge yourself.

There are four types of classes that are continually rotated. A Boxing Drills Class and Kickboxing Drills class feature limited moves to teach you the basic punches and kicks required for the course. These classes also devote time to specific self-defense escapes and strikes that students can actually use when they need it most!

The Boxing Combinations class features boxing-style combinations against a heavy bag. This class is a little more forceful, giving you a combination that works the upper body. It not only makes you move, it makes you think.

The Kickboxing Combinations Class features punching and kicking combinations on the heavy bag for a great sweat-pouring workout. The more complicated combinations are broken down and slowly incorporated to allow each participant to learn it. Using your arms and legs give you a greater range of combinations and give you more muscles to pump away that fat and trim you up.

For strength, 5-10 minutes of the class is devoted to working various muscle groups including the abdominals, arms, legs, and butt. Each day a different body part is worked, and the order is rotated weekly. Even if you come on the same day every week, you're going to get a different workout!

Finally, for flexibility, the last 15-20 minutes of the class are devoted to stretching the various parts of the body. Depending on what body part was worked in the cardiovascular portion, this class will emphasize different muscles; sometimes concentrating on the back or maybe the legs. After a fun, sweaty workout this is a great way to relax.

This class has a size limit. To reserve your space, call us now at (330) 329-5990.


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