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Chin Na Fa Grappling

Chin Na Fa (Submission Wrestling or Grappling) is a specialized Kung Fu curriculum designed to meet the needs of martial artists who desire another aspect to their self-defense. Many martial artists have found that not having ground fighting skills can be dangerous because so many attacks end up there or they want the ability to subdue their attacker without punching and kicking. This is the class for you!

You'll learn: Punches/Kicks, Joint Locks, Throws, Ground Positions, Ground Attacks

There are no uniforms for this class but rank is awarded. It is a technique-based class, teaching you how to attack and defend from the moment your opponent comes in contact with you.

If you've ever wrestled before, you know how strenuous and how much your full body gets a workout. The key to this class is to give you a great workout, but to teach you how to relax and use technique rather than strength in your fighting. This makes your opponent tire out long before you.

This class is a favorite for law-enforcement, those interested in subduing their target without striking them if possible, which this course emphasizes. It is also a favorite for women who desire rape-defense skills. Since most rapes against women are from someone they know, and is generally a date or intimate, they typically start in grappling range, where the woman is unable to defend adequately with strikes alone. This course teaches you how to obtain a position of dominance and control, allowing you to create escape opportunities.

You'll learn how to defend yourself from a stand-up position and how to take control of your opponent by moving into a joint lock or clinch position. From these positions, the opponent can be fully controlled or can be thrown where ground techniques can be employed and where their striking ability is minimized.

You'll learn the basic positions, such as the guard and mount, as well as the attacks and defenses from each position. The attacks and defenses are categorized as those more useful for self-defense and those more useful for competitions.

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