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Larry Vincent's Classes Get You Lean, Strong, Fast, and Focused with "Old School" Training Methods Straight Out of Kung Fu/Tai Chi History!

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Adult Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient physical practice combining movement, breath, and meditation. It is one of the most relaxing exercises available, and is excellent for improving balance and flexibility.

We teach the Yang system of Tai Chi Chuan in the lineage of Yang Chen Fu. The Yang system is the most widespread, especially in the United States. Yang Tai Chi is noted for its flowing movements, large, generous postures, clear weight distribution between the feet and �lightness.� Its large stances and full movements are typical of Northern Shaolin boxing, and it is almost a certainty that the two systems share a common heritage.

You'll learn: Chi Kung, Forms, Weapons, Push Hands, Joint Locks, Applications

Give us a call to arrange a time for a trial course. Our classes are friendly and well run. You�ll leave sweating and smiling. (330) 329-5990


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