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Children's Kung Fu

White Birch Traditional Martial Arts is proud to present children's martial arts programs that will specifically target the needs of your child.

Kung Fu Tiger Program

The Kung Fu Tiger Program was designed specially for children ages 7 & 8-years old. We realize that children this age have specific characteristics that differ from children younger and older than them. They are sharper and more focused than children 6 and under, however, they are still not quite ready to face the same challenges presented to children 9 to 12-years of age. Although some children between the ages of 7 & 8 can keep up with older children, and in some cases, surpass them, the average 7 & 8-year old can benefit from a more specific type of training that will help them develop the best; physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

The stages of development for children 7 & 8-years old have been studied. Research targeted 8 advanced skills that this particular age group are in the process of developing. Those skills are: concentration, perseverance, courage, intensity, speed, agility, technique, and flexibility. To complete the study and design the perfect curriculum for this age group, a thorough curriculum was developed and the Kung Fu Tiger Program was born.

In the Kung Fu Tiger Program, your child will learn and grow in a process that accommodates their skills and abilities. They will train with other children in their age group, and not have to be distracted by younger or older classmates. This means that their training will not be slowed down due to the learning abilities of a younger child; and it will not be sped up to keep up with the capabilities of a pre-teen. This means better, more functional classes designed just for them. Your child will feel comfortable and more capable of achieving excellence. They are at an age where the more special they feel, the harder they will try. With that in mind, welcome to the Kung Fu Tiger Program! If this is the first program that your child has participated in, then this is their first step to conquering many goals. And if this is not the first program, then they are even closer to excellence.

To reserve your child's space, call us now at (330) 329-5990.

Tigers Parent Manual

Tigers Student Manual


Kung Fu Dragon Program (COMING SOON!)

Children between the ages of 9 to 12 are in a very important stage in their life. With the dream and haunts of being a teenager, which is right around the corner, there are many physical, emotional, social, and intellectual challenges that they all face. With the right developments and positive reinforcement, your child will face their transition as a teenager with an enthusiastic outlook.

Imagine your son or daughter at the top of their class intellectually. We’re not talking about a straight “A” student, although that does help, we’re talking about a child who is smart enough to make the right decisions; a child who knows how to set and achieve goals; a child who understands the importance of commitment; a child who knows how to persevere through the most difficult challenges; a child who knows when to say “no”. Also imagine your child in the middle of a positive social circle who knows how to make and keep friends. Vision your child physically competent, capable of meeting and completing physical challenges. Best image yet, think about how relieving it would feel to see your child day in and day out cope with emotional challenges with a positive outlook.

Do all of those things sound good? Do they seem possible? Did you know that by enrolling your child into our Kung Fu Kidz program, you are reinforcing all of those scenarios through martial arts training? Do you want to know how we are going to do it?

It’s very simple.

The Kung Fu Dragon Program is an innovative children’s martial arts program that was specifically designed to challenge and develop the skills of a pre-teen. This program targets the characteristics of pre-teens and utilizes those characteristics to help them develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. The best part about their development is that they are learning and growing through martial arts training. Therefore, your child will build dynamic martial arts capabilities while gaining courage and confidence, and they will learn how to think smarter and harder with children their same age. It is the best formula for success!

We will help mold your child into a leader, a dreamer, and a character that brings out the best in his or her personality. Martial arts captures children’s undivided attention. That is what makes their positive growth and development possible. When a child chooses to participate in an activity that is good for them, they know it and support it. Children like to be their own individual who makes their own decisions. Training in the martial arts quite possibly will be the best decision they make during their adolescence.

With your ongoing support, you will help your child lead himself / herself into the future with a positive attitude. Their commitment and concentration must always have your encouragement and guidance. As a team, we will be reshaping our community one child at a time.

To reserve your child's space, call us now at (330) 329-5990.

Dragons Parent Manual

Dragons Student Manual


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