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Larry Vincent's Classes Get You Lean, Strong, Fast, and Focused with "Old School" Training Methods Straight Out of Kung Fu/Tai Chi History!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has White Birch been open?

A. The main school in Arlington, Virginia has been open since 1989. The Stow, Ohio school opened in 2000

Q. What is the School philosophy?

A. “To offer traditional martial arts instruction as a discipline that anyone can benefit from in their everyday life. To do so in an atmosphere that is safe, friendly, and respectful to the teachers, students, and the art itself.”

While we do not promote any one Christian denomination over another, we do in our practice and actions try to exemplify the principles of the Christian faith to honor Christ and to build up and expand the Kingdom of God.

"Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind... and love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:37,39b)

Q. Who are the White Birch instructors and what are their credentials?

A. White Birch Kung Fu & Tai Chi was founded in 1989 by Robert LaPointe. The curriculum and teaching methods are based on his 30+ years of study in the martial arts.

Began martial arts training, 1974; Black Belt, Kenpo, 1982; Black Sash, Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, 1989. 4th degree awarded, 2002. Judged and competed on national and international levels. Attended 1st World Tai Chi Conference Beijing, China, 1994.

Styles of martial arts studied include Kenpo, Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yang Style Tai Chi and the following Chi Kung: Soaring Crane, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Six Healing Sounds, Qi Gong Wu Xhi Wah, Micro-cosmic Circle Qi Gong, and meditative Qi Gong.

Seminars attended include: Ed Parker, Helio, Royce, Rorion, Relson Gracie, Dan Inosanto, Yang Jwing Ming, Shou-Yu Liang, Nick Gracenin, and many others.

Presented numerous demonstrations and workshops to Washington, D.C. area businesses and agencies, including Georgetown University Hospital, Northern Virginia Hospital Center, Alexandria Hospital, Arlington Public Schools, Defense Intelligence Agency, Exxon-Mobile Corporation, USA Today, Intelsat, and the Annual Convention of American Physical Therapy Association, 1999.

B.A. Literature, University of Texas, Austin, 1982; M.A. Political Theory, University of Essex, U.K., 1985. Adjunct faculty in writing and social sciences, National Lewis University, 2002.

Larry Vincent owns the Stow, Ohio school, which opened in 2000.

Began martial arts training, 1991; Black Sash, Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, 1994. 3rd degree awarded, 2003. Judged and competed on national and international levels.

Styles of martial arts studied include Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yang Style Tai Chi and the following Chi Kung: Eight Pieces of Brocade and Qi Gong Wu Xhi Wah.

Seminars attended include: Relson Gracie, Dan Inosanto, Shou-Yu Liang, Shawn Liu, and many others.

B.S. Computer Science, University of Akron, 1989

Lacy Colley owns the Sterling, Virginia school.

Q. What programs do you offer for children and what will I learn?

Children’s Kung Fu (Kung Fu Tiger Cubs, Kung Fu Tigers, Kung Fu Dragons) – At White Birch, children learn a fun combination of strikes, escapes, traditional form, and wrestling. Our program for children:

*       develops good balance

*       instills motor control that many children lack

*       teaches practical self defense not “tournament karate”

*       leads to good mental focus

*       develops self control

*       builds goal setting skills

*       rewards safe, respectful behavior

*       teaches the MACD course (Martial Arts Character Development)

Children's Self Secure Self Defense – At White Birch, children learn the ability to defend themselves from potential attacks from children and adults. They learn how to avoid conflict if possible, how to create openings to escape and how to rely on trusted adults. Our program for self defense:

*       teaches how to deter bullies

*       promotes diffusing dangerous situations

*       promotes safety habits

*       teaches effective escapes

*       teaches how to rely on parental permission

Q. What programs do you offer for teens and adults and what will I learn?

A. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu – you’ll learn traditional Chin Na (Chinese controlling joint locks and escapes for self defense), and both empty hand and weapons, solo and 2 person forms. This program:

*       develops powerful kicks and punches

*       teaches devastating throws and their set ups

*       builds lean body mass

*       ensures maximum fitness, flexibility and weight loss

*       instills confidence

*       builds practical self defense skills

Yang Style Tai Chi – this program teaches the traditional Yang forms, plus pushing hands and meditative Qi Gong. You’ll also get a stretch and warm up with every class so you leave feeling relaxed and energized. This course:

*       provides deep relaxation for reduced stress

*       trains solid balance

*       reduces back pain from years of improper exercise

*       develops flexibility

*       teaches centering for better focus

Submission wrestling (Grappling) – our ground fighting program is designed to meet the needs of martial artists who aren’t interested in fighting on the ground, but who want to know what to do if they end up there. It’s based on a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and “Catch Wrestling.” We don’t wear judo uniforms or award ranks in this class. This class is a favorite among law enforcement personnel. The submission wrestling program:

*       teaches effective escapes and reversals from the ground

*       develops a great sense of position and balance

*       builds stamina and lean body mass

*       boosts your fighting skills with airtight joint locks and choke holds

*       prepares you for ending up on the ground against your will

Fitness Kickboxing – At White Birch, teens and adults can get into incredible shape with Fitness Kickboxing. This class burns about 500 calories while teaching practical self-defense skills! Our kickboxing program:

*       creates a healthy heart

*       builds stamina, strength, and flexibility

*       melts away body fat

*       teaches self-defense skills

*       promotes good exercise habits

*       trims the abs, butt, and thighs

*       reduces stress

*       builds goal-setting skills

Self Secure Self Defense – At White Birch, adults learn the ability to defend themselves from any potential attack. They learn how to avoid conflict if possible and how to strike to create openings to escape. Our program for self defense:

*       builds awareness of dangerous situations

*       instills confidence

*       promotes safety habits

*       prepares you for aggressive behavior

*       teaches effective escapes

*       promotes diffusing dangerous situations

Q. Will I be required to attend class at certain times?

A. No. Classes are available 6 days a week. Students may attend as often as they like.

Q. Does your program come with a guarantee?

A. Absolutely! We're so sure you'll love our program that if after your first month, you’re not 100% convinced the School, instructors, curriculum, and people you’ve trained with are exactly what you’re looking for, you may discontinue your training without obligation, and you’ll have our thanks for giving it a try.

Give us a call to arrange a time for a trial course. Our classes are friendly and well run. You’ll leave sweating and smiling. (330) 329-5990


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