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LIFe - Low Intensity Fitness Course

This class is for students just beginning to work out or require lower intensity exercise. Each class burns up to 500 calories! It features an aerobic walking workout to strengthen the heart and lungs, strength exercises to build the muscles that burn calories when you're at rest, and flexibility exercises to promote a greater range of motion to last your lifetime.

And don't be fooled... anyone can participate, no matter what your current fitness level is! If you can walk, you can participate!

The low-intensity cardio walking gives you up to 2000 steps in each 1-hour class! The stepping rate raises your heart rate gently. For strength, 5-10 minutes of the class is devoted to working various muscle groups including the abdominals, arms, legs, and butt. Each day different body parts are worked, and the order is continually rotated. Even if you come on the same day every week, you're going to get a different workout!

Finally, for flexibility, the last 15-20 minutes of the class are devoted to stretching the various parts of the body. Depending on what body part was worked in the cardiovascular portion, this class will emphasize different muscles; sometimes concentrating on the back or maybe the legs. After a fun, sweaty workout this is a great way to relax.

This class has a size limit. To reserve your space, call us now at (330) 329-5990.


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